Spanish Immersion Expeditions


Your Spanish Immersion program at a school located in Celtic Spain which uses the communicative method, the task-based language instruction combined with immersive extracurricular activities and internships in companies. Boutique and atelier school: personalization and specialization in Spanish for the professions: Spanish for business and health professions. Standard and Spanish for the Professions courses | Celtic Spain School


Learn Spanish through the best way of doing so: immersion. Immerse yourself with native speakers all day long in Celtic Spain through a program which includes indoor classes, everyday outside activities, and internships in companies. Unrivalled programme in terms of the diversity of activities due to the proximity to the sea and the mountains.


Our program offers a way to connect with other people, explore a new country, and get to know another culture, while at the same time developing an important skill for the workplace The Value of Spanish in the Workplace | Monster.comWhy International Students are choosing to study in Spain | Top Universities. In short, we aim to offer a linguistic and cultural Spanish immersion experience that gives measurable results, from beginner to advanced levels, including specialised courses in Spanish for the workplace (mainly for business/legal and health professions), while also providing real-world work experience. Internships in our Spanish immersion program | Celtic Spain School . If you are looking for Spanish for the Professions this is your place!! Spanish for the Professions (


And you will do all of this in a unique place: Asturias. A unique place because you can enjoy the perfect blend of Celtic traditions (such as bagpipes, dances, symbols, names, food) – many of them closely linked to traditions from Brittany, Scotland or Ireland- with Latin traditions, and the Spanish way of life. Galicia and Asturias are considered the Celtic nations of Spain, although the Celtic language did not survive.  And unique because you can travel through all periods of history in one month and within just a few kilometres. You can travel from Palaeolithic times, visiting pre-historic caves while practising your listening skills, to visiting dinosaur footprints, Celtic walls and Roman walls and baths, to Romanesque and Gothic churches, to seeing buildings of modern architecture.

Join our Spanish Immersion in Celtic Spain!!!!